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Clean Shutdown v1.1:

Clean Shutdown (CS) is an AppleScript which moves user specified files and folders to the trash, empties the trash and shutdown the Mac. Why would one want such a script?

A common problem in web browsing is that the browser's disk cache gets too large which can result in slow browsing and a huge waste in hard disk space. Furthermore, cookies, which might contain personal information, can reveal their contents to anyone. Temporary files/folders which should be deleted on a regular basis. Ridding MacOS 8.x of the ObjectSupportLib extension or even avoiding the known variants of the AutoStart worm. These are examples of what CS was written to automate.

Version 1.1 does exactly the same thing as the original v1.0, except for support for international and more robust folder handling (thanks to Alain P. Tytgadt).

Clean Shutdown only works for pre-Mac OS 10.0. There are no versions that work for Mac OS 10.0 and later!
DOWNLOAD CleanShutdown1.1.sit (46,286 bytes).




Last modified: March 2010
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