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Latham, NY 12110
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Computational research physicist.

Work History:

Aug. 2011 to present
Hitachi GST/HGST, San Jose, CA, USA

Lead analysis, simulation and design for future data storage platforms and technologies.

April 2004 to Aug. 2011

Optimization and efficiency of reverse osmosis via analytic and CFD modeling. Microstructure modeling by continuum percolation theory for solid oxide fuel cells to optimize porous bi/tri-phase connectivity, electrical conductivity and molecular diffusion for arbitrary Knudsen number. Created design tool for modeling of gas, liquid and particulate neutralization using porous membranes for personal protection suits. Extended and benchmarked electromagnetic simulations of dielectric/metal photonic crystals via FDTD and KKR methods. Electrochemistry model and design tool for high power NaCl (i.e. Zebra) battery. Field emission model and design tool for carbon nanotubes. Led team to assess feasibility of direct conversion of x-rays using the frequency response of ferroelectric materials. Electromagnetic microwave shield design and FDTD modeling for both consumer and military customers. Lead model/simulation with both internal and external teams including setting priorities, tasks and deliverables. Three patent applications and over 10 invention disclosures.

Nov. 1999 to July 2003
Research Staff Member/Physicist

Design, analyzed and critiqued current and future write/read technology for magnetic recording in consumer products 4-10 years into the future. Created self-consistent steady-state and dynamic simulations of micro-magnetic structures. Accurately predicted magnetic response and wave propagation in soft magnetic patterned devices. Correctly predicted limiting factors in perpendicular recording medium and alternative designs. Successfully modeled the magnetic, electrical and thermal behavior, including 'stochastic' methods, of various magnetic read sensors. Virgin B(H) modeling of magnetic structures. Over 20 invention disclosures, 11 patents.

June 1998 to Aug. 1999

Created self-consistent steady-state and dynamic simulations of micro-magnetic structures. Incorporated curved boundaries in 3D finite differencing algorithm. Successful modeling of submicron patterned materials and media responses.

Mar. 1997 to present
Research Consultant/Contractor

Multiple and varied contracts including LLNL, GE-CRD, AMAT, UC-Berkeley and Seagate Technology, LLC. Created, developed and applied kinetic simulations of vacuum and surface flashover processes. Refined and applied kinetic models of positive column discharges. Created and applied hybrid fluid/kinetic simulation codes for design of plasma switches for LCD addressing and PDP devices. Magnetized electron dynamics in 2D hydrodynamic simulations. 3D Monte Carlo simulations of magnetized CCP processing chambers. Created and applied 2D (axisymmetric) resonance radiation trapping model for positive column application. Extended model to allow for non-uniform absorbing gas density and non-uniform foreign gas collision broadening. Created and applied 3D micromagnetics code for write simulations on recording media, decreasing run time by a factor of four.

Mar. 1994 to Mar. 1997
Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Created kinetic simulations of low pressure- high plasma density plasma reactors. Developed and applied hybrid fluid/kinetic simulation codes to plasma processing tools and flat panel plasma displays. Developed new efficient algorithms for neutral transport and chemistry at low pressure. Applied new approaches for low energy ion implantation into crystalline solids. Developed and applied new kinetic algorithms to simulation of dc positive column. Developed new profiler for deposition/etching and coupled with low pressure neutral transport and chemistry modules. Kinetic algorithms for neutron scattering.

Jan. 1991 to Feb. 1994
Research Assistant

Created efficient and more physical plasma simulation code over previous model, decreasing run time by 500%. Successfully simulated helium rf and dc discharges fully self-consistently and kinetically. Developed new and efficient algorithms to describe resonant radiation transport. Matrix techniques to model low pressure neutral transport and ion implantation, kinetically. Modeled thermionic energy converters in cesium.

Jan. 1984 to Feb. 1989
Software Programmer and System Administrator

Designed, documented and implemented integrated software packages to perform general business accounting, payroll, billing and account receivables. Recruited, trained and led programming team. Reduced personnel costs by 50%.


Sept. 1989 to Feb. 1994
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin- Madison
Major: Physics Minor: Mathematics

Aug. 1985 to June 1989
B.S. with Honors, University of Wisconsin- Madison
Majors: Physics and Mathematics
Graduated with Distinction


Expert mathematics/physics background: chemical, dynamical, EM, fluid (CFD), thermodynamics and transport modeling. FORTRAN (F77/95), Pascal, COBOL, BASIC, LISP, C/C++, MPI, LaTeX and HTML. UNIX, Macintosh, Windows administration. Strong oral and written communication skills.


Available upon request.


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