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DIM’s home is located at Furthermore, email can be send to and source code is available at

Version History

— 19 September 2023, v4.2- Added support for checking and downloading updates. Updated the Hider routine to reduce memory consumption. Update Help to reflect these changes.

— 25 July 2023, v4.1- Added import and export of Settings data. Update Help to reflect these changes.

— 14 June 2023, v4.0.5- Updated Hide/Show Desktop icon routine to current version from Hide Icons. Update warning if Finder communication fails under Ventura. Update Help to reflect these changes.

— 28 February 2022, v4.0.4- Countdown for aborting "Restart at Start and then Quit". Updated Hide/Show Desktop icon routine to Apple approved procedure. Conversion to Swift 5 and minor layout adjustments to avoid warnings.

— 22 April 2021, v4.0.3- Better warning for Restart at Start and then Quit. Also allow for 5 seconds before quiting in this case. Cosmetic bug fix on Add Arrangement sheet.

— 25 November 2020, v4.0.2- Include both Apple Silicon and Intel binaries.

— 19 December 2019, v4.0.1- Bug fix for pre macOS 10.13 systems (thanks to Sergio Sisani). DIM could get confused if it was saving icon positions for the Desktop or a Finder window when adding a new arrangement.

— 16 November 2019, v4.0- DIM has the following added features: Hide/Unhide Desktop icons, Memorize/Restore Finder windows in icon view and Automatically memorize Icon Arrangements at Quit or selected time intervals.

— 21 January 2019, v3.0- DIM is now a Swift 4.2 program using AppleScriptObjC bridge to tell the Finder what to do. Everything is new under the hood, but it looks the same!

— 31 December 2013, v2.1.0- DIM now allows multiple arrangements of Desktop icons.

— 18 June 2011, v2.0.2- DIM only resets the Finder’s “Arrange by:” to “none” if the screen resolution changes.

— 19 March 2011, v2.0.1- Just a recompile to work on 32bit Intel and PCC (still good all the way back to Mac OS 10.4).

— 30 October 2005, v2.0- Apple fixed AppleScript for Mac OS X and DIM was rewritten as an AppleScript Studio Application.

— 7 January 2000, v1.3.1- Fix for MacOS 9 and Finder’s “Arrange by:” option.

— 17 May 1999, v1.3- Due to requests, added option to automatically Restore and Quit at startup

— 27 November 1998, v1.2- Made the script into a Droplet (never released to public).

— 22 April 1998, v1.1- Speed of script was dramatically improved, mostly due to useful discussions with Stéphane Madrau. Functionality has not changed.

— 14 April 1998, v1.0- Original release of (slow) AppleScript.

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